The best Samsung phones of 2019

Best Samsung phones 2019

Samsung is the largest handset manufacturer in the world.

leading market position. Although this brand can be heard a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, this is one of those companies that can offer a phone to any pocket: from an entry-level device to the flagship series.

Customers still have plenty to choose from, and so we decided to talk about the best Samsung phones of 2019, to at least somehow help with the choice.

The best flagships of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10 + | S10 + 5G ($ 900 | $ 1000 | $ 1300)

The Galaxy S10 line has one of the most sophisticatedthanks to the Infinity Display design, it has significantly improved performance, a good camera that takes great pictures in low light and a more robust body than its predecessor. S10 is an ideal choice if you are on the same wavelength as fashion trends: frameless design, high screen-to-body ratio.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | Note 10+ | Note 10+ 5G ($ 950 | $ 1100 | $ 1300)

This phablet received a well-deserved rapid success.thanks to powerful specifications and superior design. The main camera produces excellent quality photos and videos, with adjustable aperture, true magnification and artistic portrait mode. The brutal features and added convenience of using the S Pen stylus further complement the experience. The only thing that can stop you is the large size of the smartphone and its high price.


  • The biggest battery in Samsung Note
  • Great camera
  • Some of the best features you can get.


  • Price

Best Cheap Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy S10e ($ 750)

This is a well-thought-out starting model with a rather rare compact design, an excellent camera and a good starting price - well, at least for Apple, Samsung or Pixel standards.

Samsung Galaxy S9 ($ 600)

Last year's flagship. It has its own unique Infinity Display design, a cool filling under the hood, an excellent camera and an improved Samsung One UI interface. Also available in a larger, S9 + version, which is no less charming, and will be relevant for fans of a large screen with a longer battery life than the S9.

Best Budget Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy A50 ($ 300)

The A50 with its large OLED display is one of Samsung’s favorites. It has a sturdy plastic case, good battery life and a decent enough camera kit.