The Black Sea Fleet will receive a transformer ship to escort NATO ships

By the end of this year, the Russian Black Sea Fleet will receive a transformer patrol ship of project 22160 “Sergey

Kotov ". The base of the ship's permanent deployment will be the city of Novorossiysk.

In addition to "Sergei Kotov", there are alreadyships of the same class "Vasily Bykov", "Dmitry Rogachev" and "Pavel Derzhavin". All ships were designed specifically for service in the Black Sea region, but according to the results of tests, it turned out that they can be used in the Arctic.

In the event of hostilities, patrol ships will defend the coast and naval bases. They can also be used during search and rescue and anti-piracy operations.

"Sergey Kotov" will provide intelligence andcontrol of the surface and underwater situation, as well as escort NATO ships. On it, if necessary, you can place container-type combat systems, it will carry underwater and air drones. Thanks to these characteristics, the ship becomes an ideal reconnaissance vehicle: crews can monitor surface and underwater conditions in real time within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

The crew of "Sergei Kotov" consists of 80 people, armed with a 76-mm artillery installation, grenade launchers and machine guns "Kord". It is also equipped with a platform for basing the Ka-27PS helicopter.

Source: Izvestia