The changes are clear: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 vs. Mi Band 6

Not so long ago, an updated Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet was released.

7. But does it make sense to take it if you already have Mi Band 6? Discuss

The host of the YouTube channel "SMART REVIEW" compared two models of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi (Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 7) and explained whether it makes sense to replace the younger version with the older one.

As for the kit, Mi Band 7 does not have itchanged at all. In the box is still the bracelet itself and charging. The design of the device has not changed much either, only the 7 has become a little wider than the 6 and the diagonal has grown from 1.56 to 1.62 inches. Icons and font sizes have also become larger, so reading with Mi Band 7 has become more convenient.

Mi Band 7 has become a little faster than Mi Band 6. Like the latest model, the new product can be controlled through a mobile application.

The maximum brightness values ​​​​of 7-ki have become slightly higher. Although, nevertheless, both 6 and 7 are read well in the sun.


Next - about sports modes. There were 120 of them on Mi Band 7 instead of 30. And the Always on Display function also appeared, but because of it, the bracelet began to “live” for a maximum of two or three days.

The battery capacity has also increased.She at Mi Band 7 began to equal 180 mAh compared to 125 mAh. But at the same time, the charge of the new model is about the same as the old one, that is, about a week. Fully charged 7-ka, like 6-ka, in 90 minutes.

In general, it measures sleep, the number of kilometers while running, etc. Mi Band 7 is not bad and quite accurate.


Since the price difference between Mi Band 6 and MiBand 7 is quite small, of these two devices, it is better to take the latter. In general, these fitness bracelets are very similar in characteristics, so if you already have Mi Band 6, then you should not buy a 7-ku.