The Chinese declared the superiority of their fighter over the Russian original

Global Times, citing a statement from an instructor pilot from the Air Force (Air Force) of the Northern

of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) command, wrote that the Chinese fourth-generation fighter J-16 is superior to the Russian original Su-30.

The material was translated by "".It is indicated that the Chinese fighter was called flawless. The article noted that ordinary people, as a rule, cannot distinguish the J-16 from the Su-30 in appearance. However, the "inside" planes are different. According to the pilot, the J-16 is better in terms of performance.

Experts claim that the Chinese fighter has "gone ahead" from the Su-30 by "a whole generation." One of its advantages is a weapon capable of operating in all weather conditions.

It is worth noting that the Chinese J-16 was created on the basis of the Russian Su-30.