The Chinese have created a brain implant for "wireless communication"

Chinese scientists have unveiled the brain-computer interface (BCI), which establishes a connection between the brain and

devices. BCI can decipher human intentions and send commands to devices wirelessly. Discuss

It is noted that the presented electromagnetica metasurface with a brain-computer interface can not only translate the operator's brain signals into commands, but even carry out wireless "mental communication" between two operators.

A display is placed in front of the person to display commands. The operator simply looks at the desired command, and the system understands this and works.

Scientists have already demonstrated the operation of the prototype.They carried out the wireless transmission of text from one operator to another. It has been shown that when a target letter is decoded from an EEG signal, an ASCII-based encoding sequence is performed on the metasurface. The second operator system receives the signal and presents the result on the display. The average input time for each character was about 5 seconds.