The Chinese island of Hainan will completely abandon the production and sale of disposable plastic

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, each year the country produces about 30 million tons of products from

plastic: bags, packaging, straws and others. However, less than a third of them undergo secondary processing. Other countries face similar problems.

Authorities of China's most tourist islandIt has been calculated that residents and tourists in Hainan use about 120 thousand tons of non-degradable plastic every year. About half is produced at local factories - it is planned that at first the ban will apply only to imported plastic.

The final decision to limit the use of non-degradable plastic on the island will be made by the end of 2019, the agency said.

It was previously reported that by 2030, EU countries plan to completely abandon plastic packaging. But so far only Germany and Great Britain have presented a clear plan for refusal.