The Chinese showed the latest processors to replace Intel and AMD

As it became known, quite popular in narrow circles, the Chinese company Zhaoxin recently released

their new KaiXian KX-6780A processors andKX-U6880A. First of all, they are positioned by computer manufacturers as “solutions for DIY enthusiasts” - those same people who so much like to personally assemble personal computers.

KaiXian KX-6780A is equipped with eight cores LuJiaZui,which were developed internally by Zhaoxin. They have support for SSE 4.2 and AVX instructions, as well as virtualization and encryption technology. At the moment, there is no accurate information about the frequency of the processor, but according to the published screenshots, it is 2.7 GHz. The KaiXian KX-6780A is based on a 16-nm process. The processor also has an integrated graphics chip with support for DirectX 11.1.