The Chinese will replace Russian fighter engines with their own

The media reported that the Chinese will replace Russian engines on the fifth generation fighter J-10

own. The country has already launched the production of the latest parts.

About this writes "Military Review", referring toChinese television. It is reported that we are talking about the Taihang-10 engine (or WS-10). This is a turbojet with a controlled thrust vector, which uses technology to reduce the visibility of infrared radiation. The engines have already passed trial operation on fighters J-10, J-15 and J-16.

The latest version of WS-10 will be usedon J-20 aircraft. Engines will replace the Russian AL-31F. And this will make the fighter less noticeable. It is also known that the nozzle surface is coated with a special composition based on silver.

There is no exact information about the thrust of the latest version of the Chinese engine.