Colorful platformer Fez is being given away for free on the Epic Games Store for PC

The Epic Games Store has not yet exhausted its reserves of unprecedented generosity and is giving users a new game.

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This week gamers can pick upindie platformer Fez. Players will have to go on a journey with Gomez, who for most of his life believed that he lived in a two-dimensional world. Now he discovered the third dimension and set off to explore new spaces.

The game was released in 2012 and earned high ratingspress, but even before its release it received several awards. In September 2011, Fez won the People's Choice Award at Fantastic Arcade and became Best Game of Show. That same year, the project received an award for “Best Story/Level Design” at IndieCade.

Next week, the Epic Games Store will give away againtwo games. The first free project will be Celeste, which in 2018 received an award in the “Best Independent Game” category at The Game Award. The second gift from EGS will be the platformer INSIDE from the creators of Limbo.