The concept of an electric car-transformer MONO

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If you look out the window at the city, you can see a bunch of cars. And if you look more closely,

then a lovely picture is revealed to the eye: in most, and so rather big cars sitting on one person. What the heck? And then they swear that there is no place for parking. This is where the problem arises of creating a practical city machine, which would not be ashamed to boast. So far, the most successful concept seems to be an electric convertible car Mono.

Prikol concept calculated for a couple of people inthat the car takes up even less space in the parking lot than the vaunted Smart. When it comes to driving, the car automatically (although I would be careful not to switch on this mode at first, it suddenly activates when cars are nearby) is transformed so as to be as stable as possible. Why, even on German highways, go at high speed. It remains to fasten the four-wheel drive and make the clearance of at least 200 mm under our harsh realities of the post-USSR.

A source: Yanko design