The consequences of the sanctions will be "terrible": China threatened Samsung, Intel and Microsoft

Chinese authorities warn foreign companies about the consequences that the implementation of the ban


What happened

Informed sources report thatThis week, the Chinese government held a closed meeting with representatives of companies. Employees of Intel, Qualcomm, ARM Holdings PLC, SK Hynix, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Dell Technologies, Nokia Corp. were invited here.

At this meeting, the authorities toldabout the "terrible" consequences for companies that decide to follow the ban. Recall, the United States made Huawei and its subsidiaries blacklisted and banned US manufacturers from supplying parts, components and technologies to Chinese partners.

The meeting with foreign companies occurred astimes after China’s announcement about creating its own “black list”, which will include “untrustworthy subjects”. This was the response of the administration of President Donald Trump to impose sanctions on Huawei and other companies.

Representatives from Samsung, Microsoft, ARM and Dell have so far refused to comment on this meeting.