The creator of "Mivina" "buried" another brand of smartphones

The smartphone market has lost another player: following LG, it announced the closure of its mobile division

Vietnamese manufacturer VinSmart.


Recall that the VinSmart brand appeared in 2018 and sinceSince then, it has been releasing mostly inexpensive gadgets without ever getting into the premium segment. He never achieved much success, so he decided to switch to other directions.

VinGroup, which owns the brandVinSmart decided to focus its efforts on creating "smart" cars. And the closure of the mobile division was called "a strategic step towards making VinFast (the electric vehicle division) one of the world's leading electric and smart car companies."

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By the way, the founder of VinGroup is the Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nyat Vyong. Few people know, but it was he who created the Mivina instant noodle brand.

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