The creator of Mortal Kombat 11 spoke about Lutboxes, collaboration with Marvel and the secrets of the universe.

The Game Informer journalist visited the office of NetherRealm and threw questions at the founder of the studio, Ed Boone, about Mortal Kombat 11.

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According to the developer, at the start, gamers will be able toplay for 25 characters, and after the release of them will be more than 30. At the launch of the MK11 there will also be no Lotus boxes, Quick Time Events in the story campaign and the cross-play between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. But gamers can count on several endings, light fatality and 60 FPS in the version for the Switch.

Boone also spoke about the universe Mortal Kombat. According to the creator, the main antagonist Kronik was originally a man, but the developers decided that it would be cooler if you make the character a woman. Boone also said that in the world of MK not everyone knows about the existence of the senior gods, so don’t wait for the religions and sects that are dedicated to them. In addition, for reference, you can kill in the head with all the characters of Mortal Kombat, except Raiden.

Ed Boone also said he was talking to Marvelabout a fighting game in the universe or games in the spirit of Marvel vs. DC. At the same time, the developer would like to work on a new project that is not related to the fighting game. If he had more money, he would have taken up the online game. The film on Mortal Kombat has already got a script, and, according to Boone, you can get a decent screen version, if you give it to the right hands.