The creator of Prince of Persia made an interesting announcement, giving hope for the revival of the series

Prince of Persia fans have already been waiting for a new part of the series, and it seems that gamers have hope

to revive the franchise.

What is known

Prince of Persia Developer:The Sands of Time Jordan Mechner came to GameLab in Barcelona, ​​where he announced his book and answered fan questions. For the 30th anniversary of the series, the developer decided to release a story about the creation of the original Prince of Persia, which is based on his notes made during the creation of the game. The Making of Prince of Persia will be released in spring 2020.

After the book announcement, Mechner answered questionsfans who decided to ask if the developer wanted to revive the series. In response, gamers received a laconic “Yes,” but the designer noted that he had nothing to announce yet.

“I don’t have anything to announce today other than the book,” Mechner said.