The creators of Aliexpress have developed a service for the purchase of medicines for coronavirus

Xinhua News reported on the development of a new platform from the largest Chinese company Alibaba.

It is reported that the new online service is intended for the purchase of medicines for coronavirus worldwide.

Alibaba intends to use new platformto satisfy the demand for medicines, as well as medical masks and other protective equipment in the regions of China, in which, by the way, an outbreak of a dangerous virus occurred. It is noted that drug manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical companies will be able to post data on upcoming supplies, and Alibaba representatives, in turn, will purchase the drugs they need to counteract coronavirus and transport them to needy medical facilities.

Recall that literally January 25The company, the owner of Aliexpress, has set up a special fund of 1 billion yuan aimed at providing medicines to the regions of China. And by February 3, Alibaba equipped the necessary supplies of about 18 hospitals in the country.