The creators of the film Sonic The Hedgehog will change the hated Sonic fans

At the end of April, Paramount Pictures published the first trailer for the film Sonic The Hedgehog, which received a lot of

criticism from Blue Hedgehog fans. It seems that the creators of the film decided to listen to the words of gamers and announced plans to change the appearance of the hero.

What is known

After the publication of the trailer and a wave of criticismThe film's director, Jeff Fowler, took to Twitter and rushed to reassure fans. According to the filmmaker, Paramount and Sega have heard Sonic fans and are preparing to redesign the character.

"This will happen. Everyone at Paramount and Sega is committed to making the character the best it can be...," said Fowler.

Unfortunately, the director did not tell how they would changecharacter and whether they will take the classic design as a basis. In the comments under the trailer on Twitter, fans showed their vision based on the game Sonic, which looked pretty good. Perhaps Paramount should follow the path of Warner Bros., who brought Pikachu to the big screen while keeping the character's classic design.

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Sonic The Hedgehog is scheduled to be released on November 7, 2019, so filmmakers have time to fix Sonic.