The creators of the Gran Turismo franchise are considering porting some parts to PC

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The new strategy of Sony's gaming division is to release games that were originally

PlayStation exclusives on PC. It seems that this trend may also affect the popular Gran Turismo racing series.

What is known

Head of Polyphony Digital Development StudioKazunori Yamauchi revealed in a recent interview with GT Planet that the company is seriously considering porting Gran Turismo games to PC.

He noted that the creation of a new PC versionhindered not only by the lack of will of Sony, but also by the technical limitations of most computers. In his opinion, far from all computers are capable of running Gran Turismo in proper quality (4K at 60 FPS).

However, in the future, he does not exclude that this popular series of racing simulators will be available outside of the PlayStation.

For those who are not in the know

At the moment, filming is underway on the film adaptation of Gran Turismo with the participation of Hollywood stars