The creators of the series "Doom Masters" found actors on the roles of Carmack and Romero

Back in June, the USA Network streaming service announced a pilot release of the series, based on the book Masters

Doom "about creating the eponymous game. Even at the start, gamers were told who would occupy the seats of a screenwriter and director, and now the actors were named for the main roles.

What is known

According to Variety, the long-haired EduardoFranco will play the programmer and designer of the original Doom, John Romero. The guy has already managed to "light up" in "Education" and "American Vandal". At the same time, the role of John Carmack was given to Patrick Gibson, star of the series “The Spanish Princess”, “Neverland” and the film “Dark Reflections”.

The role of Hannah Romero, the wife of John, was given to JaneAckermann from Poor Learning. Siwon Williams will play Stevie Case, a charismatic young woman who became one of the first professional female gamers, and John Romero's girlfriend.

Left to right: Patrick Gibson, Eduardo Franco.

Recall that the director of the pilot series was RiceThomas, responsible for Saturday Night Live. The script Masters of Doom was commissioned to journalist, critic and science fiction writer Tom Bissell, who will also be executive producer. Filming will take place at the studio Ramona Films brothers James and Dave Franco.