The date of the announcement of the new inexpensive iPhone

The presentation of the iPhone under the code name 9 did not happen yesterday, despite rumors. Online today

other information appeared on the issue. Insider John Prosser (Jon Prosser) announced the date of the announcement of the new inexpensive iPhone.

He claims that at an internal meeting of Applepreviously decided to announce the new product on April 15. Smartphone shipments in this case should begin on April 22. However, this is not the final decision, because in the conditions of coronavirus infection, everything can rapidly change.

Recall today iPhone 9 is also noticed onChinese version of Apple's official website. The page has already been deleted, but they managed to save the information from it. If you believe her, the cost of the new iPhone will be $ 422 (about 33 thousand rubles at the current rate). For Apple smartphones, this is a really low price.