The developers told what improvements are expected from games for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Recall that the release of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will happen closer to the end of 2020. However, about which

improvements should be expected from games for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it became known now.

IGN has published new material as part ofwhich game developers have revealed interesting features of upcoming consoles. According to them, the new products will be able to eliminate a number of shortcomings that are inherent in modern games. In particular, companies modify the visual components of games. So, in the upcoming titles it will be possible to avoid the unnatural appearance of hair on the heads of the characters. In addition, volumetric effects, for example, clouds, fog and others, will be improved. The developers said that they will become much more similar to natural ones.

Also, according to published data, igrodelywill be able to develop more saturated and diverse game worlds. In addition, gamers in new games will be able to navigate created worlds faster than before, without being distracted by loading screens.