The developers will fill up the Gears 5 players with regular large-scale updates

Gears 5 has not yet reached the release, but the developers have already revealed their plans to support the game.

What is known

Every three months the project will receiveFree updates that developers have called Operations. Each update will add new modes, characters and maps for the multiplayer. Together with the "update" the game will receive more features and patches to improve performance and more. Players are also waiting for new missions and challenges.

Gears 5 will also feature a Battle PassDuty with tasks for which players will receive exclusive rewards. With the release of each new Operation, pass prizes will be updated. The content of the combat pass will be purely cosmetic, so that players are waiting for the appearance for weapons and characters, "blood splashes", emotions and so on.

Note that the Tour of Duty progress counts.for participating in the Confrontation, Escape, and Horde mode. So gamers who stay away from PvP will be able to unlock all the rewards (I look at you, Destiny 2).

The first operation starts with the release of Gears 5 andwill last until December. Journalists have already managed to play in the new creation of The Coalition and set high scores. Owners of the Ultimate Edition will be allowed into the game on September 6, and the rest will have to wait until September 10.