The difference in design and colors of Honor 70 and 70 Pro revealed live photos

Yesterday, Honor gave a glimpse of the design features of the Honor 70 Pro, but left the base model Honor 70 behind the scenes.

Today this gap has been closed by a series ofpress pictures that surfaced on Weibo. For the most part, the device is similar to the “firmware”, differing from it only in a set of colors and design of the camera blocks: here they not only retain their round shape, as on their predecessors, but are also located in the form of a pair of independent islands, while the Honor 70 Pro they are combined into one solid block.

Honor 70

The difference is best seen in live pictures,made in one of the brand's salons. With their help, we also now know the colors of the family: Honor 70 will offer a diamond, green, blue and black case, and in the case of Honor 70 Pro, the blue variant is replaced by gold. The official presentation of the Honor 70 line will take place on May 30.

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