The doctor explained which alcohol addiction develops faster

Doctor of Medical Sciences, nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg warned that strong alcohol quickly leads to

addiction compared to other types of alcohol. Discuss

Ginzburg clarified that strong alcohol is hardaffects the nervous system, the brain. Such varieties of alcohol lead to more pronounced reactions from the heart and blood vessels. At the same time, people who drink weak alcohol are less socially dangerous.

According to the doctor, a person who drinks strongdrinks are often socially dangerous, because the body adapts to strong alcohol, ceases to perceive other types of alcohol. In such a state of alcoholism, a person becomes more socially dangerous.

“Consumption of strong alcohol leads to fasteralcoholism. The fact is that a person is adapted to strong alcohol, he no longer perceives other types of alcohol. And in this state of alcoholism, he becomes more socially dangerous. To maintain the required dose, he needs strong alcohol, from which he gets drunk stronger and harder, ”Ginsburg explained.

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