The doctor spoke about the dangers of fruit and berry desserts in chocolate

Dietitian, member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Russia Natalya Kruglova said,

what can be dangerous for health popular among Russians fruit-berry bouquets-desserts glazed with chocolate. Discuss

According to the expert, fruits and berries, especially strawberries, are a perishable product. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to the condition of such a dessert, if you take it in the store.

The doctor noted that strawberries spoil quickly, butits condition is not visible under the glaze, and there may be mold and rot. It is also never possible to see if the berries were washed normally before being covered with chocolate. Therefore, an intestinal infection with all the symptoms can become a problem.

Such desserts must be stored at a temperature4 degrees is the standard mode of refrigerators. When buying in a store, you should always pay attention to whether the dessert is stored in the refrigerator or on display, you also need to clarify the expiration date and evaluate the appearance of the product.

“Most importantly, there is a risk of intestinal infection withall its symptoms. The amount of dessert eaten and the initial state of health are important here. Perhaps some people will not have problems if they conditionally eat one berry, ”the nutritionist warned.

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