The drill of the InSight mission is suspended due to the stone in the Martian soil

The InSight device drilled a 50 cm hole in Martian soil for four hours, after which the drill stumbled upon

the obstacle is a large stone or some other dense rock. Now engineers are counting on how to continue the mission - to start drilling a new well or try to move a stone.

As part of the mission, InSight should drill a well 5 m deep to study the heat flow of Mars.

Space probe InSight landed on MarsNovember 26 at 22:50 Moscow time. InSight's mission is for 720 days. During this time, the probe will study the seismic activity of the planet. Perhaps scientists will be able to detect accumulations of liquid water or ice beneath the surface of Mars.

You can see the live broadcast of the landing and the first shots of the dust storm in the “Hightech” material.