The end of the film: Moonwalk player on the largest pirate movie sites closed. Forever

For several days at the largest online pirate movie theaters, Kina Nema: the player does not work, and

the inscription below reads: “In the data center where the players are located, an accident occurred. How long recovery will take - we don’t know. ” But in fact, there was no fire: Moonwalk player is turned off.

What happened

Closing services of the streaming player Moonwalkmade in the Netherlands. It was a joint “operation” in which the Dutch Copyright Protection Foundation (BREIN), ACE (Creativity and Entertainment Alliance), MPAA (American Film Association) and law enforcement agencies participated.

As a result, the servers are disconnected, property is seized and confiscated. In addition, data was collected from three Dutch and two foreign companies that served Moonwalk.

Now on the website it is written that the player "will never work again."

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What it is

Moonwalk has existed since 2013, but its owners are unknown. However, it is known that most of the developers are Russian-speaking.

And this is not just a player, the content was stored here. According to estimates, about 26 thousand films and about 10 thousand series were stored on Moonwalk servers.

Moonwalk served most of the pirateonline cinemas, including HDrezka, KinoGo, "GuideOnline". To do this, you just need to copy the player’s code to the site. For every thousand views, Moonwalk paid sites $ 0.6. And he earned at the same time on advertising - mostly illegal online casinos.

According to experts, the TOP 50 sites with Moonwalk were visited by about 89 million unique users 395 million times. The total number of loss of profit to copyright holders is hundreds of millions of dollars.