The eSIM feature on iPhone Xs and iPhone XR will appear with a software update

One of the main features of the iPhone Xs and iPhone XR is the support for two SIM cards. This feature will allow users

use two phone numbers on one iPhone at once.

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However, Apple’s solution is different.companies producing smartphones with Android with two SIM cards. IPhone Xs and iPhone XR still have one SIM card slot, but now they support eSIM technology. For the first time, Apple introduced eSIM in the iPad line, and then last year's Apple Watch. Users will need to manually register the network when setting up the smartphone.

At the presentation, Apple talked about eSIM technologyon the iPhone Xs and iPhone XR, but did not mention that it will not be available immediately after the release of new smartphones. The company activates the function with a software update, but it is still unknown when. Most likely, this will happen with the release of iOS 12.1 before the start of the holiday season.

It is also important to note that eSIM technology willnot supported by all operators. So far, not many carriers around the world provide eSIM support. Do not rejoice in the support of two SIM cards with new models in advance, first check whether your operator supports this technology.

Apple will sell iPhone Xs with two slots for regular SIM cards only in China, since eSIM technology is prohibited in the country by law.

At yesterday’s presentation, Apple noted thatiPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max support accelerated wireless charging, but we have not been provided with any exact data. Most likely, the improvements are very small, and therefore Apple did not even write about them on its website.