The EU is preparing a unified standard for smartphone chargers. Apple strongly opposes

Tomorrow, the European Commission will formally propose a draft law providing for the use of a single

standard for chargers for smartphones,tablets and headphones. The innovation could have a significant impact on the business of Apple, which traditionally uses connectors that are incompatible with competitors' products.

European Union leaders and legislatorsfor over 10 years they have been trying to promote the idea of ​​a single standard for mobile chargers. It is believed to be better for the environment and more convenient for all consumers. In addition, the European Commission insists that the sale of chargers be carried out separately from the mobile devices themselves.

The main opponent of this initiative isApple with its Lightning cable, which is not compatible with any device other than Cupertino's own mobile devices. According to the American tech giant, a single standard will stifle innovation (possibly), create large amounts of e-waste (doubtful), and even irritate consumers (highly controversial).

Competitive companies usually use USB cables, and in today's generation of electronics, the symmetrical USB Type-C port and associated cables are widely adopted.

Source: reuters

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