The ex-exclusive PlayStation 4 found a mode reminiscent of games from the 90s

The release of the ex-exclusive PlayStation 4 - Horizon Zero Dawn - made it possible to find in the game what the console players could not see on

definition. As it turned out, the game has an extremely interesting mode that refers us to projects from the 90s, the times of the very first PlayStation.

We are talking about launching the game at 265x144.It was a demonstration of this mode that was arranged by a Twitter user under the nickname St1ka. Judging by the video posted by him, the game not only runs in low resolution, but also very much resembles projects like Resident Evil and Silent Hill in this form.

Note that the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn in suchresolution is not possible directly from the game itself. In order to plunge into nostalgia, you need to open the configuration files of the game and register the resolution there, manually.