The expert gave 9 tips for protecting data from Internet theft

A set of very useful tips for protecting your data from Internet theft has appeared on the web. Solution Center Director

Daniil Chernov told about the security of Rostelecom-Solar software, which 9 rules can save from personal data leakage.

The most important thing you can tell from wordsspecialist, this is caution. If you are careful not to download files from unknown sources, be careful about incoming letters and update on time, you can be more or less calm for your safety, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

In general, Chernov's list of "tips" is as follows:

  • be attentive to any letters and websites that require the input of user data;
  • install software updates promptly;
  • do not download software or any other files from unverified sources;
  • beware of public Wi-Fi networks;
  • read the user agreement;
  • check and configure app access to camera, microphone, geolocation, gallery and files;
  • use complex and different passwords;
  • use antivirus software;
  • set up automatic data backup.

The expert also noted that hackers often look for weaknesses in the program code. And if the software used is updated in a timely manner, then the attackers will have less chances to achieve their goals.