The expert told if the S-400 is a terrible swarm of drones

Military expert Alexei Leonkov assessed recent reports from the American media that a swarm of drones could

become an effective defense against Russian air defense systems. The specialist said whether this is true and whether the S-400s are terrible for many drones.

American experts believe that the swarm of dronescan be a highly effective means of overcoming the A2 / AD zone created by the layered air defense system. For such, the main complexes are S-400 and S-300.

Specialists from the USA decided that they should send firstdealing with tactical and bomber aviation against the air defense system is a losing scenario. So NATO turned to a drone swarm. As planned, it should overload the air defense radar station (radar), the homing heads of anti-aircraft missiles and air-to-air missiles with false information.

Military expert Leonkov explained that this ideaunrealizable. According to him, NATO reconnaissance aircraft and drones were never able to “uncover the work of the Russian S-400 and S-300 air defense systems. Russian radars simply did not turn on, and it was impossible to detect their work. Leonkov concludes that the statement about the ability of a swarm of drones to determine the frequencies of the radar and to jam it is unfounded. In addition, drones still need to approach the S-400 at close range in order to be able to jam. However, Russian electronic warfare systems can put more powerful interference in the way of the swarm. And the radars of air defense systems themselves can distinguish false targets from real ones. And these are not the only reasons why the US concept is not working.