The Face Unlock feature on Google Pixel 4 smartphones wasn’t as secure as Face ID on the iPhone

Google Pixel 4 became the first smartphone from the company in which they decided to abandon the usual fingerprint scanner

fingers in favor of the Face Unlock function. As it turned out, it is not so safe now.

What is known

BBC American journalistChris Fox found out that Face Unlock in Pixel 4 works even if the user's eyes are closed. This could be a problem. For example, when you are sleeping, someone can easily unlock your device. Because of this, Google even recommends keeping your smartphone in your pocket or backpack.

For comparison, iPhone Face ID sensors worksimilarly, but by default a function is activated that does not allow unlocking the smartphone with eyes closed. If you believe the early leaks of Pixel 4, Google is going to add it to your smartphone, but when this happens is still unknown.

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Source: BBC, TheVerge