The famous robotic dog performed Mick Jagger's dance professionally

Renowned robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics has released its version of the Rolling Stones' cult hit music video

1981 "Start Me Up". In the video, the group members were replaced by Spot robotic dogs.

The video simultaneously demonstrates the impressively accurate movements of the robotic dogs. One of them quite manages to copy the dance of Mick Jagger. It is pointless to describe it for a long time, it is better to look:

Spot robots can be used for largespectrum of tasks, even reconnaissance. The French army recently tested the robotic dog. Spot was first introduced on June 23, 2016. Sales of the robot dog began in 2020 at a price of $ 74.5 thousand. It can be programmed independently and various modules can be attached to it. One enthusiast even taught Spot to pee with beer.

Source: The Verge