The famous Transcarpathian molfar Mikhail Zaklyatchik predicted the characteristics of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Transcarpathian molfar Mikhail Zaklyatchik, known for his forecasts in the field of high technologies (for example,

he predicted the growth of bitcoin in 2010 and the decline of Nokia back in 2012) responded to an editorial request gg and spoke about the future characteristics of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. Here is his direct answer.

“Allow me, dear sir, to tell youthe story of the new iPhone 15 Max Pro, which is presented to the world this year by Tim Cook himself, Apple's master magician. And I will not only tell you, but I will also curse the whole list of its technical characteristics with witchcraft!

So the new iPhone must be amazing, andthe largest of all the previous ones. His display, like that of a famous gentleman from the Umbrum school, with a pocket calculator, was significantly enlarged and became as large as 7.5 inches. But that's not all - this screen should be OLED, with a resolution of 3024x1686 pixels!

And the memory in the new iPhone is enough for a lifetime,careful gentlemen! It has 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB of internal storage. And to make it even more convenient, it supports Apple's new wireless VR glasses. You can plunge into the world of games and interactive videos, as if you yourself are the main characters.

Regarding the processor, Tim Cook himself praisedits latest model. Apple A17 Bionic is even more powerful and faster to process your photos and videos in real time. The camera on the new iPhone has also been greatly improved. It has a triple camera system with advanced optical zoom and advanced image processing features.

In short, the new iPhone 15 Max Pro is pure magical craftsmanship. It has support for 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC and protection against water and dust according to the IP68 standard.