The fans were deceived again: Bethesda will add donates to Fallout 76 that affect the gameplay

Back in June 2018, Bethesda promised that in Fallout 76 for a premium currency only cosmetic

items. Now the developer has announced that the game will donate, affecting the gameplay.

What is known

Bethesda plans to add to the repair shopkits ”, which are useful for repairing things from inventory or camp. They will help players not to waste resources and repair items regardless of time or place. There will be two sets, but only one player can buy for premium currency. Basic Repair Kits are mined by playing the game or for Atoms, but Improved Repair Kits are earned only through activities and so on.

Yet this does not negate the fact that Bethesdabegins to introduce a “game donat”. In addition, in December 2018, rumors appeared about the addition of “Lunchboxes” to Fallout 76. In the Fallout Shelters, they give gamers a card with characters, upgrades and bonuses, and the leak just talked about the bonuses to damage and gained experience.