The figure of the day: How many modern weapons did the Russian land forces receive in eight years?

> 12 thousand modern weapons received ground forces in eight years

Today is the Minister of Defense

Sergei Shoigu spoke to the Federation Council of Russia and told how many modern weapons the Russian army received in eight years.

As it turned out, since 2012, the ground forcestransferred more than 12 thousand modern models of weapons and equipment. Shoigu also noted that a large-scale re-equipment of all missile brigades at the Iskander complex was completed. The main objective of this complex is the destruction of air defense systems (air defense) and missile defense (missile defense) of a potential enemy.

In addition, Aerospace Forces (VKS) andOver the past eight years, the aviation of the Russian fleet has received more than 1,400 aircraft and helicopters. As for the Navy, more than 190 ships, boats and support vessels were handed over to him.