The figure of the day: how many new military equipment will show on May 9?

24 latest models of military equipment will be shown on May 9

According to Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, May 9 at

parade, solemnly held on Red Square, 24 new models of military equipment will be demonstrated for the first time.

”For the first time in Red Square will be held 24 latestsample of military equipment. These are anti-aircraft missile systems and military air defense systems, coastal missile systems, remote mining vehicles, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, ”Shoigu shared. It is reported that a total of about 15 thousand troops will be involved in the upcoming military parade. In addition, the parade will use 225 units of military equipment, as well as 150 aircraft.

Shoigu also added that the historical partthe ceremonial parade will be presented by ten military uniforms of the Great Patriotic War and a mechanized convoy of the legendary Soviet military vehicles, including the T-34 and SU-100.