The figure of the day: How many people around the world got coronavirus?

303816 people worldwide got coronavirus

The Johns Hopkins University project site was

published information about how many people around the world got coronavirus. So, according to current data, the number of infected people has reached 303816 people.

It is also reported that out of 303816 infected91676 people managed to recover, while the fatal outcome was recorded 12966 times. At the moment, the most infected were registered in China, namely 81,305 people. In second place in terms of the number of infected is Italy, in which 53.5 thousand people encountered the coronavirus, while 25.3 thousand were infected in Spain and 25.1 thousand in the USA.

It is known that today coronavirus in addition to China has affected about 167 countries. In Russia, according to current data, about 306 infections were recorded, of which 16 cases of recovery.