The figure of the day: How many Russians are ready to be vaccinated against a dangerous Chinese virus?

46% of Russians are ready to be vaccinated against the new Chinese coronavirus

Panic over a new coronavirus

from China is growing. Job search service Superjob decided to do a survey and find out if the Russians are afraid of the disease outbreaks. During the study, experts also found out how many people are ready to be vaccinated.

The survey involved 1,600 respondents out of 349settlements of Russia. As it turned out, 14% of Russians are completely ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus, another 32% are inclined to a positive answer. 37% of respondents said that they were rather not ready for such a step, while 17% opposed it.

Superjob researchers also indicated that ratherpositively perceive the idea of ​​vaccination for people up to 24 years old inclusive. Older respondents grew dislike of the idea. High-income people are also more likely to be opposed to vaccination.