The figure of the day: How many Turkish drones shot down Russian missile systems in service with Syria?

20 Turkish drones shot down by Russian Buki in Syria during the acute phase of the Idlib conflict

Media reported

how many Turkish drones were shot down by Russian Buk-M2E missile systems in service with Syria during the acute phase of the Idlib conflict.

According to Military Review, most attacksdrones was reflected. The success of the air defense of Syria is due to the Buk-M2E anti-aircraft missile systems. Of these, 25 missiles were fired during the conflict. At the same time, 20 Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles were hit. Three missiles did not hit targets, and two more - self-destructed.

Interestingly, the Turkish military claims thatonly 12 drones were lost. A Turkish civil servant also told reporters that in Idlib, Ankara first used the new tactics under the code name "swarm of drones."

It is worth noting that in Syria, Turkey uses Bayraktar TB2 operational and tactical drones and TAI Anka multipurpose vehicles.