The first article in the world written by the robot was published on The Guardian

The ReporterMate robot was created by The Guardian journalist Nick Evershead along with a group of programmers. The algorithm can

process large volumes of data, find them and insert them into ready-made text templates.

Nick Evershead notes that ReporterMate will not be able toto fully replace journalists, but it will be much more accurate to work with the analysis of big data during investigations. This will avoid the mathematical errors that periodically occur with journalists.

In the future, it is possible that Evershead will be able to add to the algorithm the function of using machine learning in order for the neural network itself to search for interesting topics for investigation.

At the same time, the journalist notes that it’s still far from an independent full creation by artificial intelligence of large material.

Recently Alibaba and Chinese newsXinhua agency has developed artificial intelligence that creates short videos. In addition, the platform will be able to automatically collect data and provide journalists with ready-made information analytics.