The First Assessments of The Surge 2: Dark Souls Spiritual Heir Who Failed

The Surge 2 made it to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Gamers are only going to evaluate the new Focus Home project, but journalists

already managed to play enough and share impressions.

What they say

Judging by the estimates, The Surge 2 turned outambiguous. After 14 reviews from critics, the project rating on Metacritic stopped at 74 points, becoming one level with the original. The journalist DualShockers gave the game 85 points for the combat system and environment, and in the downside wrote down the optimization on the PS4 and the problem camera.

From Game Revolution, the project received 30 points ... Incons journalist recorded a "disgusting story", boring locations and performance. Nevertheless, the author of the review liked the opportunity to remove equipment from the severed limb of the enemy.

“The Surge 2 ticks the list of items bycreating a successful sequel, but this sci-fi RPG game does not reach the point of repeating the full "dissecting joy" of the original ", - IGN, 76 points.

"The Surge 2 is still funan improvement over the original, which will attract more people due to its dense and well-designed environment and “battle”, - DualShockers, 85 points.

The Surge 2 ratings:

  • DualShockers - 85
  • Destructoid - 75
  • IGN - 7
  • Push Square - 60
  • Game Revolution - 30