First assessments of The Surge 2: the spiritual successor to Dark Souls that failed

The Surge 2 has reached PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Gamers are just about to evaluate the new Focus Home project, but journalists

We’ve already played enough and shared our impressions.

What they say

Judging by the ratings, The Surge 2 turned out wellambiguous. After 14 reviews from critics, the project’s rating on Metacritic stopped at 74 points, becoming on the same level as the original. The DualShockers journalist gave the game 85 points for its combat system and environment, and listed optimization on PS4 and a problematic camera as minuses.

The project received 30 points from Game Revolution...The journalist wrote down the “disgusting story”, boring locations and performance as the disadvantages. Still, the author of the review liked the opportunity to remove equipment from an enemy’s severed limb.

“The Surge 2 checks off a list of things"to create a successful sequel, but this sci-fi RPG falls short of replicating the full "shattering joy" of the original." - IGN, 76 points.

"The Surge 2 is still funAn improvement over the original that will attract more people thanks to its tight and well-designed setting and combat - DualShockers, 85 points.

The Surge 2 ratings:

  • DualShockers - 85
  • Destructoid - 75
  • IGN - 7
  • Push Square - 60
  • Game Revolution - 30