The first autonomous ship sailed across the Atlantic Ocean

The AI ​​ship replicated the Mayflower's historic voyage across the Atlantic, which took place in 1620.

The boat left England and sailed to Halifax,Nova Scotia. According to the plan, the ship was supposed to go to Massachusetts in the United States, but during the Mayflower voyage there were technical problems and the route was rebuilt. The journey took five weeks, said IBM, which helped build the ship.

The 15m Mayflower was controlled by AI:the captain, navigator and mechanic were not on board. The device was powered by solar panels. There were also video cameras and scientific equipment on board - this is necessary to take water samples, record temperature, salinity, sounds, and more.

The wooden ship Mayflower passed the same way across the Atlantic, on which colonists arrived on the continent 400 years ago. The crossing in 1620 took more than two months.

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