The first commercial electric aircraft made a test flight

Canadian airline Harbor Air has announced a successful test flight of an electric aircraft simulating

commercial route. The upgraded floatplane made a short flight from the Canadian mainland to Vancouver Island using an all-electric powertrain.

August 17 electric aircraft companymade its first point-to-point test flight, simulating the movement of a commercial flight. The plane took off at 8:12 a.m. from the Fraser River Terminal and landed 24 minutes later in Patricia Bay on Vancouver Island. The flight range was 72 km. According to the company, the entire journey was made on electric fuel, while the aircraft had enough power to continue flying.

Test flight of an electric aircraft. Image: Harbor Air

Selected for testingupgraded hydroplane De Havilland Beaver. The modified model is a hybrid, on which an electric motor from MagniX is installed. Earlier in 2019, the company already carried out a test flight of this model, but then it just took off, made a short flight and landed at the port of departure.

Harbor Air is the largest commercial companyproviding seaplane air transportation in North America. The company serves 30,000 commercial flights and annually transports about 0.5 million passengers. In 2019, Harbor Air announced that it plans to become the first all-electric airline.

The company is currently working to approve flights operated by upgraded electric hydroplanes by the US and Canadian aviation authorities.

Cover image: upgraded hydroplane with an electric motor. Source: Harbor Air

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