The first Diablo can now be played in a browser

In March, the first parts of Diablo reached the GOG store, and now gamers can enter the battle with demons

and in the browser.

What is known

Rivsoft ported the shareware versionDiablo for browsers, and now only one click separates you from Tristram. The main difference from the basic version is that only the first two dungeons are available to gamers, so they won’t be able to run through “Diabla” from cover to cover. In addition, only three hero classes will be available in the game.

At the same time, the developer added the abilitydrop the DIABDAT.MPQ file from the PC version of Diablo into a special section and play through the game in a browser. This is where GOG comes in handy, where the game is sold with the Hellfire! add-on, without DRM protection and with multiplayer. In addition, the developers have fixed the main in-game errors

Please note that those who want to play in the browserThere was a lot of Diablo, and the site couldn’t cope with the influx. It may take several attempts to get into the game (I was allowed in on fifth), so be patient.