The first estimates of Death Stranding: Kojima lost his genius

Gamers will only be able to play Death Stranding on November 8 on the PlayStation 4, but the gaming press has already managed to evaluate the new

project of Hideo Kojima.

How to rate

After 63 reviews from critics, the rating of the game atMetacritic stopped at 84 points. PushSquare set the game to a maximum of 100 points. In the advantages of Death Stranding, the author of the review recorded a catchy plot, characters, "excellent delivery mechanics" and graphics on the PS4 Pro.

Hardcoregamer delivered to the Kojima project only 70points. According to the journalist, the gamers' fears were confirmed and Death Stranding for the most part consists of “courier missions”, which makes the game monotonous. At the same time, the project boasts a combat system, stealth, a well-developed world and graphics.

"Death Stranding is nothing that Iever played. Beautiful, exciting, heart-breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning and completely nuts. I laughed, cried, cursed and went to the toilet a lot ”, - TheSixthAxis, 100 points.

“Death Stranding is not a fun game, but it is an important and meaningful experience that bears its fruit through every disappointment and ploy,” PlayStation LifeStyle, 95 points.

"Death Stranding is an ambitious game,filled with many different mechanics and ideas that almost always fit well together. The plot and acting are fantastic, and their visual effects are a wonderful thing, not to mention a powerful soundtrack, ”- God is a Geek, 90 points.

“The real problem is that the gamingthe Death Stranding process is actually as simple as it seems, and the elements around it - story, combat and missions - are not enough to gain a foothold and attract players ”, Game Informer, 70 points.

“The mysterious Kojima project could be epic due to some points, but cannot deduce the weight of expectations,” Gamesradar, 70 points.

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Ratings: Death Stranding:

  • Screen Rant - 100
  • Push Square - 100
  • We Got This Covered - 100
  • TheSixthAxis - 100
  • PlayStation LifeStyle - 95
  • GameSpot - 90
  • God is a Geek - 90
  • VideoGamer - 80
  • Destructoid - 80
  • Digital Trends - 70
  • Game Informer - 70
  • USgamer - 70
  • TrueGaming - 70
  • Hardcore Gamer - 70
  • GamesRadar + - 70
  • IGN - 68

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