First ratings of John Wick Hex - stylish John Wick tactics, but not for everyone

The John Wick game John Wick Hex has arrived on PC. Gamers are just studying the Good Shepherd Entertainment project, and journalists are already

They've had enough time to play and are sharing their impressions.

What is known

After 33 critic reviews, the rating of the PC version of JohnWick Hex on Metacritic stopped at 73 points. The game received a 90 from Shacknews for its story, “addictive gameplay,” and thought-provoking battles. Journalist Screen Rant gave the project 40 points due to unfinished animations and a difficulty curve, when battles become either too easy or too difficult.

"John Wick Hex - worth a look for fansturn-based strategy and challenge, but at the same time the game is difficult to recommend to those who want just another opportunity to spend time in the world of John Wick." - Hardcore Gamer, 70 points.

First John Wick Hex ratings:

  • Shacknews - 90
  • Wccftech - 85
  • DualShockers -85
  • GameSpot - 80
  • PC Gamer - 80
  • Game Informer - 80
  • Destructoid - 80
  • Hardcore Gamer - 70
  • IGN - 68
  • Screen Rant - 40
  • Daily Star - 40

John Wick Hex has already been released on PC (Windows) and Mac, and will soon reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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