The first fluid simulation system is created: it simulates surface tension

In the new work, scientists have created a new approach to three-dimensional modeling of fluids: it accurately recreates

surface tension.

Usually under the term "surface tension"I mean the surface tension of liquid bodies at the liquid-gas interface. In the case of a liquid interface, it is also legitimate to consider it as a force acting per unit length of the surface contour and tending to reduce it to a minimum for given volumes of phases.

The authors note that in simple modeling systems only the action of a solid body on a liquid is depicted, more complex systems take into account the mutual action of a body and a liquid on each other.

In the new method, the authors added a third component - a liquid surface tension membrane. The result is a realistic picture of how light objects lie on the surface of the water.

The system accurately simulates attenuation and amplificationsurface tension under the influence of chemicals, as well as the mutual attraction of bodies that float close to each other until it works on inhomogeneous liquids and porous bodies, for example, with a sponge.

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