The first gameplay of Terminator Resistance: the most secretive and agile will survive

At the end of September, Teyon delighted gamers with the announcement of the shooter Terminator: Resistance. Then the developers showed only

story trailer, and now they gave EGX 2019 viewers a look at the gameplay.

What showed

Teyon focus on stealth.Basically, the main character will fight with terminators, which cannot be taken by ordinary bullets. So, if you don’t have a “plasma gun” in your hands, you’ll have to act secretly. In addition, the hero dies quickly and it is unlikely that it will be possible to fight openly for a long time.

On the players' path they will also come across turrets, which the main character can hack and make his allies. According to the classics, they decided to make the hackbook in the form of a mini-game.

According to the developers, in Terminator:Resistance will be a system of consequences. In the gameplay video, the main character hacked into the cabin of an abandoned ambulance to find drugs for resistance. If the character came empty-handed, then everyone would be offended by him.

Terminator will be released:Resistance will be released in Australia and Europe on November 15, and the game will be delivered to North America on December 2. The standard platforms are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Let us remind you that the game will take place 30 years after the events of the second part, and the main character will be ordinary resistance fighter Jacob Rivers.

The part with Terminator: Resistance starts at 2:31:30: