The first live photo of the PlayStation 5 leaked online: V-shaped body, camera and 6 USB

Sony has already officially announced that the PlayStation 5 will appear on shelves in 2020, but has not shown gamers itself

console. Still, no one is immune from leaks, and the first live image of the console hit the Internet.

What showed

The photos were shown by ZONEofTECH founder Daniel Rotat, who received them from an anonymous source.

The console design is completely consistent with the previous onea patent leaked online with a schematic image of the PlayStation 5. On the body of the console it is written that this is the first prototype, which means there is a chance that gamers will see another console on store shelves. Moreover, this is only a development version, which often only vaguely resembles a sales sample.

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A BluRay drive was placed on the front panel,and at the top you can see buttons for turning the console on and off, rebooting, as well as initializing the system and network. Most likely, the final version of PS5 will lose these buttons, and their functions will be performed in software. The right side of the case is occupied by six USB ports, as well as, apparently, a camera.